Tricia Booker Photography

March 23, 2011

Spring Splash

The pool temperature gauge read 69 degrees, but no matter. Cold water couldn’t keep Cameron from taking the plunge today. When he asked me this morning if I’d brought my swim suit on this trip, I quickly and truthfully replied no. It hadn’t even crossed my mind to get into the unheated pool in March, even in South Carolina.

OK, yesterday’s record high here of 88 degrees was, I have to reluctantly admit, even a bit warm for me on a spring day. I peeled off my sweater at about noon and donned a pair of shorts today when we headed to the driving range. But get into the pool? Not a chance. In reality, though, I guess I’ve truly hit the apex of wimpiness because Cameron not only swam twice today, but he also got his grandfather to join him…and by that time the temperature of the pool water had risen to a “balmy” 71 degrees.


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