Tricia Booker Photography

April 4, 2011

Hey Bud

If there’s one trait I’ve come to realize I just don’t possess, it’s a green thumb. Over the years, I’ve tried to become more proficient in the garden, reading articles and books about plants, their care, what deer prefer not to eat, and what grows in shady, rocky soil. So far, my efforts have been pretty dismal. The deer eat almost everything I plant, and the ones they don’t consume seem to be only what escapes from the forest into our yard.

So, it was with amazement that I walked outside today and discovered that the little lilac bush that I’d given up for dead last summer has miraculously sprung back to life. As I walked around the yard eyeing last year’s casualties, this lone lilac has given me hope. In my debt of gratitude, however, I need to find a special place to replant him. So, the pressure is on, and it’s back to researching where and when is best to relocate him. Oh, and if any green thumbs out there have a moment to advise, this little bud would certainly appreciate any help he can get.

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