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April 7, 2011

Classic Upperville

Our hometown of Paris is so small that it no longer has a post office, so we’re sent to the bustling metropolis of Upperville to retrieve our mail. Upperville, population of 632 as of April 3, 2011 (it’s amazing how easy it is to find such information on the Internet now), features mostly beautifully renovated homes along the main street of U.S. Route 50. I always enjoy the short walk from our Tae Kwon Do dojang to the post office as the homes I pass are so intriguing and full of character and charm.

I had to laugh today when my friend Margaret, who resides in one of these homes, slipped up. In describing our commute from Upperville to our boys’ soccer coach, she said, “It’s a long drive from Uppityville.” Her remark reminded me of John Updike’s 1961 poem “Upon Learning That A Town Exists Called Upperville,” which always makes me smile.

In Upperville, the upper crust

Say “Bottoms Up!” from dawn to dusk

And “Ups-a-daisy, dear!” at will

I want to live in Upperville.

It’s ironic that of the many friends I have in Upperville, none of them have ever said “ups-a-daisy dear” in my presence.

One comment

  1. Audrey

    Not heard ups-a-daisy since I was a child in New England. Love it. Had D telling Dad up and at’em this morning but I think we’ll change to the Updike or “daisy” version.

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