Tricia Booker Photography

April 11, 2011

Peppermint Patience

One of Peppermint’s primary jobs in life is to wake Cameron each morning with the Peppermint Wake-Up Call. She jumps up on the bed and kisses Cam’s face to help him start his day. On most mornings, her job is pretty easy. She gives a few kisses and then receives a nice belly rub in return.

But on some mornings, Cameron isn’t quite ready to face the day, so Peppermint must endure the “J.R. Grip.” The (Jack Russell) grip was first established when our old dog, Brewski, would try to wake us up in the morning by flapping his ears (shaking his head) multiple times. Thankfully, Peppermint is patient with Cam and usually snuggles right back into bed. So, then as the clock ticks away toward departure time, it becomes the Mom Wake-Up Call, and that, as you may imagine, isn’t nearly as enjoyable.


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