Tricia Booker Photography

April 19, 2011

Peppermints Talent

So, while the afternoon thunderstorms at work today chased poor Bogey under my desk, where he crouched shaking. The lightning and thunder didn’t faze Peppermint. She sat next to my desk while I ate lunch in her usual place, begging me for a taste. Little did she know that I was eating a tomato and mozzarella meal from Market Salamander, not exactly canine fare. Nevertheless, as long as I was enjoying it, Peppermint was fairly certain she would, too.

But as I finished, she still sat staring at me. OK, I had to admit I still had one more unopened bag. Being “Two for Tuesday,” my lunch still held two coveted Salamander cookies. And, yes, Peppermint shared an oatmeal cranberry treat with me. I guess I really didn’t need all of those calories.

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