Tricia Booker Photography

April 27, 2011


I think one reason I enjoy road trips is because I’ve always liked observing horses out in their fields, grazing or hanging out with their pasturemates in their natural environments. Sometimes on a quiet road I’ll stop and snap a few photos, and often the horses will walk right up, curious about my purpose or wondering if I have a treat.

There’s one horse I’ve observed for more than two years now. He’s a Miniature who lives in a small paddock right beside a busy road that I take each time I go to the barn. Because of the road, I’ve never thought it safe to stop, but, sadly, he wasn’t there yesterday, and his water trough was gone. I hope he’s OK. If he returns, I’ll make a point of stopping for a photograph. Although I’ve never met him, he keeps me “company” on my long drives and should be in my photo library.

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