Tricia Booker Photography

May 1, 2011


Sunday mornings mean one thing for Peppermint—pancakes! Since her puppy days, Peppermint’s been addicted to breakfast. When she realizes I’m getting out the ingredients, she plants herself near the stove, patiently waiting as I mix and then flip ‘cakes on the griddle. Then comes the fun part. We toss her pieces, and she catches them in the air, sometimes begging, jumping or laying down on her back. It’s Peppermint  heaven.

Although she could stand to lose a pound or two, it’s hard for me to deny her a pancake now and then. I know I shouldn’t have indulged in the carrot cake at last night’s party, but, you know, some calories are just worth it.


  1. Amy Chapman

    My dog Lady, loved pancakes. When she bit the postman one day and I couldn’t produce a rabies certificate, she had to stay in the animal shelter for 10 days. I took her a stack of pancakes to eat.

    • Erin, thanks so much for your thoughtful post! I’m glad that you visited and are enjoying the photos. I hope your new photography projects are going well and you’re able to have time for your macro work, too. It’s been fun expanding the old horizons!

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