Tricia Booker Photography

June 13, 2011

DBA Perwa

Today I spent most of the day behind the computer, catching up on the second, and most time-consuming, phase of the photographic process—editing images. I’ve discovered that I enjoy this process nearly as much as capturing the images. Often, as was the case with DBA Perwa’s shoot, after downloading the hundreds of shots I’ll scan the images and find a few that I really like. It’s only later, though, during the editing process, that I’ll discover a hidden gem awaiting me. Today, it was this photo of Perwa, one that I’d originally overlooked, that made me smile. Although it’s not the type of photo Arabian fanciers would necessarily choose, this is the one that I’ll always remember when I think of Perwa.


  1. Lucinda

    Oh so pretty, she (I trust it is she) looks like a young lady flirting with her hair all mussed, feeling free and energetic.

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