Tricia Booker Photography

June 18, 2011


With a hazy overcast sky, it was the perfect day for a portrait shoot. Without the harsh sunlight and consequent shadows, people and animals show their best, and the flowers in the garden really exhibit their true colors. This afternoon I shot variety of dogs and cats, but I must say that Frankie’s unexpected foray into the English garden made for my favorite images. At the first click of the shutter, he turned and stared into my lens. I think he was surprised I’d discovered his hiding place. I had time for just a few more quick images before he turned and leaped out, trotting off with his tail held high, swishing angrily. He had posed graciously for me a few minutes earlier on a stone wall, but I’d most definitely overstepped my boundaries following him into the garden, and he certainly let me know.

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