Tricia Booker Photography

July 17, 2011

Morning Song

OK, I couldn’t resist posting another sunflower today. Even though flowers were the goal during this workshop, I felt compelled to get out my 200 mm lens when I saw the Indigo Buntings and Goldfinches welcoming the dawn in the field. This particular bird was pretty oblivious to the photographers invading his territory and allowed me to quietly stalk him. Unfortunately, the sun wasn’t yet up when he made his appearance, but I managed a few low-light shots before he flew off to a neighboring copse of trees. With my birding addiction fulfilled, the macro lens went back on and full flower focus resumed.


  1. Thank you! It appears that their breeding range includes Georgia, so perhaps you do have them around. They like edge habitat, so the fence rows and thickets near fields are where I see them most often. They have a lovely song, as well. Fun birds!

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