Tricia Booker Photography

July 25, 2011

A Bad Day

I think Peppermint would like to forget this day ever happened. First, it started out with a thorough brushing and nail clipping before her mid-morning veterinary appointment. There, she was poked, prodded, stuck with needles and weighed (her least favorite moment, I assure you). Then, the bad news. Peppermint’s test results came back positive for Lyme disease, a tick-born illness. So it’s Doxycycline for a month and then a re-test (more needles, unfortunately).

To celebrate her return home from the indignities, Peppermint took a jaunt around the backyard and reveled in destroying her perfectly coiffed hairdo. I suppose she figured if she was going to be stuck with sharp objects today, she might as well have me join in the fun—after all, who else is going to pluck the burrs and briars from her coat?


  1. Lucinda

    Dogs get Lyme’s disease??? I knew that people can suffer complications for years but had no idea it affects canines as well. Condolences to Peppermint!

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