Tricia Booker Photography

July 26, 2011

Garden Friend

I’d just watered the container plants when I noticed several Daddy Longlegs running for cover from the dripping leaves. I didn’t mean to nearly drown them. In fact, I really never noticed how many were hanging out in the flowers on the front porch until I really studied them closely. There were a half-dozen meandering around, climbing from flower to flower or just hanging out on the side of the container.

Because the rays of sun were softly illuminating the foliage, I decided to get my camera and see how difficult it would be to focus on these little guys, also known as harvestmen, an order of arachnids. I played with different settings and F-stops until I got a few images I liked. Most of the photos resulted in the delete button, however, but it was a fun experiment. From now on I’ll be more careful when watering since I know these small creatures are likely eating the small bothersome insects that plague our gardens.


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