Tricia Booker Photography

July 31, 2011

Line To The Green

There are so many clichés about golf, and I’ve found so many of them to be true. Today, mine was: “golf is a four-letter word.” It seems that just as you think you’re figuring it all out, you make some minor adjustment to further improve and your whole swing falls apart. Then, you make another small tweak, thinking you’re just going back to your “old” swing, and it still doesn’t work. Well, it turns out, that “old” swing is long gone, replaced by some imposter who tricks you into believing in him until some real four-letter word escapes your lips. Then you step back and think, “Golf really shouldn’t be this agonizing. It’s just a game.” Oh, yeah, that’s a four-letter word, too…looks like you’re back to square one. Just keep your eye on that stupid little white ball.

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