Tricia Booker Photography

August 3, 2011


Cameron has always enjoyed accompanying me out to the barn, but now he has a new reason: photography. I “loaned” him one of my old digital camera bodies and a 24-120 mm lens, and he spends his time wandering around the farm shooting photos while I ride. Today, he concentrated on close-ups of the horses, including the stallion Copperman, who patiently allowed Cameron to get up close and personal. After downloading his photos, we decided this one was one of our favorites. Because Cam hasn’t yet started his own blog, we agreed that he could have a spot now and then on mine. So, here’s Cam’s second photo (long-time followers might remember his raptor photo from the spring). I’m sure there will be more to follow.


  1. shuttersnapper

    Super shot Cameron! I like the way you have captured the reflection of the building in Copperman’s eye and the delicate hairs underneath. Well done.

  2. Lucinda

    Cameron, your Copperman picture was almost scary and then became very delicate as I examined the details. It is a beautiful shot. With young people, I always think “college scholarship!” I am sure you have already started a portfolio of your work. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Cameron, the landscape reflected in Copperman’s eye brings great interest to your beautiful and creative photo! How wonderful that you are learning and enjoying photography at a young age! Keep up the great work!

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