Tricia Booker Photography

August 9, 2011

A Prickly Time

It’s that time of year when the summer’s heat combines with the shortening days to offer just a hint of autumn. The thistles have flowered and are slowly drying, while the goldfinches collect the few remaining seeds. For this reason, August is a bittersweet month for me. While I love the feel of the heat and humidity, it saddens me to see the end of summer so fast approaching. Out in our yard, the many nests sit empty, and the birds are slowly disappearing as they begin their annual migrations. No more Redstarts, Phoebes or Thrashers. Our once busy yard is strangely quiet; just the resident Hummingbirds dominate as they fight over the feeders for a few more weeks. Even though it’s 90 degrees, it’s time to think about fall preparations.


  1. shuttersnapper

    Beautifully lit – colour vibrant. You are blessed to have had a summer – here in Scotland we had a couple of weeks good weather in May and since then it has been a wash out! For the last two days we have had torrential rain with flood warnings! You have all the wonderful hues of autumn (fall) to look forward too.

    • Yes, it’s been hot summer but summer nonetheless. I do look forward to cooler temps, though, but I do prefer the heat over cold. That’s too bad you’ve had a cold, wet summer in Scotland. Perhaps you’ll have a lovely autumn to make up for it!

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