Tricia Booker Photography

August 16, 2011

Hold Tight

When I first arrived here in Michigan a few days ago, I noticed an abundance of dragonflies as we unpacked the car in the early evening. Of course, I wanted to get out my camera then and there, but family etiquette must come first! So, last night I waited until about 5 p.m. and went out into the yard. The dragonflies were everywhere, and many were quite accommodating models. Finally, after 240 photos, the pesky mosquitoes chased me inside. But it was a fun adventure, and I discovered that not only would they allow me to get quite close, but they also admired my camera, several landing on it during the shoot. Although dragonflies have now moved up  on my preferred insect list, butterflies still have a safe lead.


  1. Maybe it is not too many, maybe it is just enough! Especially with digital. Can you tell I like taking lots and lots of pictures too!?

    Dragonflies have always fascinated me–not with the beauty of butterflies but with some sense of ancient history, wisdom. But they have never been very cooperative subjects for me, so I am thrilled with your adventure–and a bit jealous. Thanks for sharing.

    • I have to admit that I could have taken more if the mosquitoes hadn’t been biting my ankles. I enjoy experimenting with different backgrounds and camera settings. I’ve gotten them edited down to about 100 but need to go through again to pare down.

      I’m not sure why they were so lethargic, perhaps the time of day? In any case, it turned out to be much more rewarding than I expected!

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