Tricia Booker Photography

August 21, 2011

Kanawha Falls

Following the Midland Trail through West Virginia is now a tradition for me as I travel home from the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington. The Midland Trail is a scenic byway that winds in and out of small towns, along rivers and through the mountains. On this trip, I stopped at the Kanawha Falls, just shy of Gauley Bridge and about 2 miles below the New River Gorge.

As I was unpacking my camera and tripod, a local gentleman walked up to chat. He’s lived in the area his whole life and wanted to point out the two new resident Bald Eagles. They were perched on a rocky outcrop in the middle of the river. Unfortunately, they were too far for me to shoot, but I certainly appreciated his thoughtfulness. He told me that the river is down due to the drought, and the fishing isn’t very good now, but that it should all get better in the fall. I still found it beautiful.

It seems that almost every time I take the Midland Trail the rain follows me, and this day was no exception. After only about 10 minutes, large raindrops started pelting me and I had to make a run to the car. Hopefully, next time I’ll have more time to explore this little park, and maybe the Bald Eagles will be on this side of the river.

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