Tricia Booker Photography

August 22, 2011


OK, so many of you who follow my blog know how I feel about deer. My husband has now hit two with his car in the past year—one just about a month ago—and they continually decimate my gardens. So it was ironic that today when I was out stalking the hummingbirds a pair of fawns ventured into my yard. I was sitting so still that they didn’t notice me, and as they moved closer the doe eventually joined them. After a few minutes, she stepped toward the closest fawn and I thought, “I hope they touch noses. At least it will be a cute photo even if it is a deer.”

It was better than that. She  began to wash it, and the fawn bowed down and expressed the submissive chewing. Eventually, the fawn began to nuzzle the doe, and they stood there for several minutes. Unfortunately, my camera settings weren’t ideal for this experience, but they were so close to me that I was afraid to move to change them for fear of scaring them. It was a very special moment, and I enjoyed being an observer and hope that this trio remains far away from any road.


  1. Thank you all for the comments! This trio was back in our yard yesterday and today. The fawns are quite brave, and one even walked up to the truck in our driveway to look at its reflection in the window. (I didn’t have my camera, unfortunately!) They are still so cute with their spotted coats.

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