Tricia Booker Photography

August 25, 2011

Golden Grasses

After a busy day filled with appointments and meetings, I spent some time late this afternoon in the backyard observing the hummingbirds. They weren’t particularly accommodating today, mostly flying between their two camps in the trees rimming the backyard. I watched as they swooped down toward the feeder but rarely landed, skimming by me and chattering as they continued on into the woods and beyond.

So, after about 15 minutes I got up from my vantage point and took a quick walk along the back trail. The golden light was still falling between some of the shorter trees, illuminating a few patches of woods and trail. I found some dried grasses and flowers, which were much friendlier models. Sometimes you just have to realize when you’re not going to get the shot you want and go to Plan B.


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