Tricia Booker Photography

August 27, 2011

Spider In Irene

Hurricane Irene packed a punch when it grazed the coast of Virginia this evening. We prepared for the possible repercussions by bringing in container plants, securing deck furniture and taking down any hanging plants or decorations that could have become airborne in strong winds.

During one of the breaks in the bands of heavy rains, I took my camera out to explore the yard. I found this spider hunched in the storm, her web glistening with raindrops. Parts of the web had already been damaged, but it was built in a covered area of the front porch so I thought it might make it. Unfortunately, when I went back a few hours later it was gone, the spider nowhere to be found.

Thankfully, we were spared the terrible damage that so much of the East Coast endured, but others weren’t as fortunate, even some of our very own neighbors.

One comment

  1. Lucinda

    Pretty spider is probably OK as they always have a secure life line where they can scoot to safety even if the web is destroyed. I am always sad that they are probably hungry until a new web can be constructed.

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