Tricia Booker Photography

September 7, 2011

Golden Moment

Cameron and I were sitting in the family room watching the news when suddenly he looked up and said, “Mom, look at the fog. It’s gold!” Sure enough, the cold gray fog that had hung around the mountain all day turned the world to gold in the rays of the setting sun. We quickly grabbed our cameras and headed out to the deck. The warm gold, which seemed to envelop you as you stood outside, created a cocoon-like feeling. We each took careful aim on the trees in the backyard, experimenting with different settings to try to capture the moment. The experience was fleeting, though, and within three or four minutes the color disappeared. But it provided a memorable moment in an otherwise dreary day.


  1. Unique and beautiful! So glad you were able to capture the moment and share it with us. When I read that Cameron noticed the gold fog, I got chills. So rare and wonderful for a young person to have keen awareness and appreciation of the natural world!

    • Yes, I am fortunate that Cameron is in tune with the natural world. I think he was born that way. His pre-school teachers thought he would grow up to be an entomologist. He loves creatures of all sorts. But he still loves his video games! 🙂

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