Tricia Booker Photography

September 8, 2011

First School Day

It’s back to reality for Cameron (and for me) now that classes have resumed at The Hill School. While Cam feigned resistance to heading back during his last few days of summer vacation, his constant smile after we arrived told me he felt otherwise. He greeted his sixth-grade classmates with high fives, and they settled into the first day ritual of claiming lockers and desks amid jokes and laughter.

In years past we spent a few quiet moments outside the classroom before school, taking a few first-day portraits and calming jittery nerves. There was no time for such ministrations this year; at age 11 1/2 the time spent with mom is seemingly limited. Thankfully, he didn’t mind me hanging out in the classroom for a few minutes, and he even waved good-bye when I put my camera down. I believe sixth grade will bring big changes for us both.


  1. Love the photo, Tricia! Their expressions say it all!

    I checked out the link you provided. I am impressed with the philosophy of the school; supporting curiosity, thinking, experience, decision-making, self-esteem. A great opportunity for the children who attend!

    • Yes, we’re very fortunate to have Hill in our lives. It’s been a wonderful learning experience, even for us parents. Today, for instance, I helped Cam and his classmate after school with a science project. One of the science teachers came out and helped us ID butterflies and spent extra time answering our questions. They really create an environment that encourages children to go above and beyond just the books.

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