Tricia Booker Photography

September 9, 2011

Hey, It's Grass

While this ripened stalk of grass may be beautiful to you, it’s an ugly reminder to me. You see, this is what’s happened to our lawn over the past two weeks. The combination of our Labor Day vacation and a solid week of rain have allowed our normally tame lawn to grow utterly wild. The dog won’t even go outside into the yard, but, instead, prefers to tiptoe along the edge so the long stems won’t tickle her belly. It’s truly an embarrassment.

I had high hopes to get on the tractor today, but by the time the morning rain and fog blew off the mountain it was too late and still too wet. There is one consolation. With our house tucked in the woods and without any nearby neighbors, there’s no one to see this hay-field we’ve grown. And, thankfully, I didn’t order anything online this week so even our UPS driver was spared. Crossing my fingers for sunny skies tomorrow, otherwise I might have to call our friend Mr. Moore to bring his baler next week.


  1. So delicately beautiful! I love the photograph! I hope sunny skies travel your way. 🙂 I love the description of your dog tiptoeing along the edge of your yard… my dogs refuse to go outside when it’s raining or wet and they’ll hold it all day. So funny! Great post!

    • Is that fairy related to the dish fairy? In our house the fairies always end up doing all of the work after everyone else has gone to work or school! Thankfully, the storms went north of us this weekend so we are back to being respectable neighbors!

  2. The same has happened to our yard. Mow the lawn, eat dinner, go to bed, get up next day and need to mow again!! May have to talk to the farmer down the road and have him bring the big tractor. Nice macro shot too!!

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