Tricia Booker Photography

September 10, 2011

On A Mission

After a topsy-turvy day of cancellations and additions to our schedule, we ended up at Hogback Mountain Paintball where Cameron attended a classmate’s birthday party. I should have realized that anyplace called Hogback Mountain would be a bit remote. Thankfully, there were plenty of signs to lead us as we wound our way up the Bull Run Mountains, through pastures, across bridges and dams and finally to a cluster of weathered buildings tucked into a glen.

I had hoped to get some photos of the kids (and the few brave parents) during their paintball battles, but after they left base camp and disappeared into the wilderness, all we could hear were the muffled shots in the distance. So, I walked the edges of the glen and found some interesting subjects, including a patch of bright yellow flowers in full bloom hosting a vast array of buzzing insects. With fall in the air now, there’s a little more urgency in their actions, and despite the war being raged all around them, they didn’t waver from their mission.


  1. Linda

    Beautiful work. The light on the bee’s face looks like it’s coming from the flower and drawing the bee to it. Incredible DOF and tack-sharp on the whole bee – and you managed this while it was in flight! Wow!

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