Tricia Booker Photography

September 13, 2011

Scenic Virginia

With the deadline fast approaching for The EMO Agency, Inc., newsletter, I still felt I was missing a few key photographs for this edition. So, prior to picking Cameron up at school, I drove around Middleburg in search of Thoroughbreds. Without a farm appointment, I just remained on the back roads and took routes that I hoped would allow me to find some mares and foals or young stock out in the fields grazing. Thankfully, I had several photo ops on my circuitous route around Hill School, including this trio grazing in a field flanked by a traditional Virginia stone fence. Sometimes when you live in an area you take for granted the beautiful scenes you drive by every day. Today I didn’t.


  1. Great shot – I love finding spots where I can just sit and watch horses – not doing anything special, just wandering around and being themselves. Much more entertaining than TV and a great stress reliever.

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