Tricia Booker Photography

September 15, 2011

Yellow Bouquet

This week it’s been all about the hummingbirds. Yesterday morning I purchased a bouquet of flowers—purple and yellow—from the Safeway in Middleburg and brought them home. I placed them in several small vases and set them on the deck on either side of the hummingbird feeder. I wasn’t sure if the hummingbirds would find them enticing, but I thought having fresh flowers would provide a fun backdrop for photos. My small investment was amply rewarded.

Shortly after I positioned the flowers, the hummingbirds were swooping past, checking them out. After about a half hour they were fighting one another for a spot at the feeder and around the flowers, squeaking and chattering up a storm. This morning I replaced the yellow flowers with a fresh batch from the bouquet, and during a brief break in the clouds I caught this shot. Watching them enjoy their new treat was such a joy. The only one disappointed, it seems, was my husband when he realized the flowers weren’t for him!


  1. How beautiful, Tricia! Graceful and sweet. What a great idea to entice them with flowers! I love the touch of nature it provided. As usual, your photos inspire me and my mind is racing with possibilities for my own hummingbird photos.

    • Thanks Karen! I’m glad to see that your flowers were equally successful. I had thought my hummingbirds left, but I did have one at my feeder this afternoon for a brief time. I fear, though, that we might be at the end of the season here. I hope yours remain a bit longer so you can get more amazing shots!

    • Thank you, David! It’s been fun to experiment and play with different camera settings to see what works and doesn’t. My 300mm has been out for service, and I’m finding my 70-200 works better than I thought and is easier to hand hold. More cropping needed, though.

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