Tricia Booker Photography

September 16, 2011

Peppermint Tall

Fall is in the air. When I open the front door in the early mornings to let Peppermint outside, the crisp morning temperatures are a welcome departure from the hot and humid summer we endured. Peppermint likes this time of year, as well. She’ll ask to go out, and instead of returning quickly she’ll meander around the property where she checks out the sights and smells. One of her favorite places in our yard is a large boulder that sits where the lawn meets the woods. Often, when she’s atop her boulder she’ll simply stand and bark, announcing her presence to the world, I’m guessing. Like a typical Jack Russell, Peppermint really thinks she’s a big dog, and I imagine gaining an extra four feet in height and vantage point just cements the deal.


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