Tricia Booker Photography

September 19, 2011

Quick Treat

The hummingbird visits are rare now. I put out fresh flowers today and had just one small visitor who spent a brief amount of time investigating the feeder. He was quite shy, and I only managed three or four clicks of the shutter before he was spooked and flew off to an adjacent tree to wait until the noise subsided. I knew it wasn’t the bold young male who’s been protecting the feeder because when he heard the shutter he’d fly over to investigate.

Today the goldfinches dominated the yard, with a flock of them hunting insects and eating berries throughout the day. I watched them chase each other through the trees, swooping here and there as they mingled with the resident doves and sparrows. It’s almost time for me to resume filling the seed feeders and concentrate on the fall and winter birds. Although I look forward to the beauty of the cardinals and woodpeckers, I’ll certainly miss the precocious hummingbirds that made spending summer afternoons at my desk so enjoyable.


    • Thank you, Patti. It’s a little bittersweet to move on to fall. I’ve left the flowers outside the past few days, and the bees have been enjoying them. I’ve put off taking down the feeders just in case, but this weekend I’ll switch over to seed feeders.

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