Tricia Booker Photography

September 21, 2011


I often take for granted the beauty of The Hill School grounds as I drop Cameron off in the morning, rushing to get him to school on time. I quickly drive off to the office or an appointment, barely glancing around as I negotiate a driveway lined with well-tended flowers, plants and shrubs. Today I took a few extra minutes from the busy day and walked Peppermint around the campus, taking my camera along as we checked out the grounds. While Peppermint took in those sights and smells a dog most appreciates, including a half-hearted run at a fat squirrel, I admired the many flowers still blooming.

This Sedum, in much abundance, caught my eye, with the sun glinting through the foliage. When I returned home, I realized I had this same plant in my yard but had never taken note of it. After looking it up, it was no surprise to read: “Many sedums are cultivated as garden plants due to their interesting and attractive appearance and hardiness.” That last word is key. For if it survives in my garden, it must be super hardy.


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