Tricia Booker Photography

October 15, 2011

Skipping Stones

What special memories do you have from childhood? Do you remember spending days in the classroom and hours doing homework? What about chores or babysitting a younger sibling? We spent most of our youth involved in these activities, so you’d think they’d be foremost in our memory banks. Not so for me.

When I think about my childhood experiences, I recall time spent outdoors, chasing birds, butterflies and tadpoles, riding horses and swimming and fishing. I had no watch to tell me when time was up, just the setting sun to send me home for dinner. I hope Cameron is collecting these same memories as he grows up. Although we can’t spend all of our time doing what we please, we can cherish the moments that we have when no one is telling us what to do and when. We simply exist. We can hike up a hill to check out the view, skip a stone across a pond or chase a squirrel through the woods. It’s all up to us to remember what’s most important.


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