Tricia Booker Photography

October 16, 2011

Cacapon Morning

We save one weekend each October to spend at Cacapon State Park in West Virginia. The park was constructed after the Great Depression when the Civilian Conservation Corps was sent out to work and improve the country’s infrastructure. If you leave your iPhone at home and ignore the sleek cars in the parking lot, you could imagine you’re back in 1950 when you step into the lodge. Not much has changed. The lodge rooms are nostalgically rustic with original furniture, you can still play free ping-pong and shuffleboard in the game room, and the key to your room is a real metal key on a large plastic key chain.

There’s no pretense at Cacapon. You can be comfortable as yourself, whether it’s carrying a Gucci bag or wearing a T-shirt that says “Roadkill, it’s what’s for dinner.”  (Both were seen during our breakfast in the main dining room.) We love Cacapon for the beautiful golf course, friendly staff and the old-fashioned community feel you have with fellow vacationers as you hike the trails and fish in the ponds. While we’ve been to many fancy resorts over the years, Cacapon is the one place to which we always return.


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