Tricia Booker Photography

October 17, 2011

A Beautiful Day

What a gorgeous autumn day, with a vibrant blue sky and a tinge of fall color decorating the trees. It was the perfect backdrop for a celebration of Mark Eadon’s Smith’s life this afternoon. A close-knit group of relatives and friends gathered under the oak trees in the backyard of the Lost Mountain Graphics office in Middleburg,Virginia. As the minister spoke about Mark’s life, Monarch butterflies fluttered by on the light breeze, the Cardinals chased one another from branch to branch, and the resident squirrel watched curiously, perched on the stone wall.

It was a lovely service, with people young and old sharing heartfelt and eloquent remembrances of Mark. Although he was a humble and quiet  soul, I believe Mark would have felt proud and honored to hear how he touched so many people’s lives. Fittingly, it was a glorious day to remember a beautiful person.


  1. So beautiful, the photograph talks the beauties of these autumn days… It was so beautiful here too today. Thank you dear Tricia, I love your photography, with my love, nia

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