Tricia Booker Photography

October 23, 2011

Arboretum Welcome

We live about 10 minutes from the Blandy Experimental Farm/State Arboretum of Virginia, and I’m ashamed to say that I rarely stop in even though I know what a treasure it is to those who love trees, plants and flowers. This weekend, though, Cam and I spent some time there with my friend Christy and her son Payton. It wasn’t the sunny day we’d hoped for, but we all enjoyed a two-hour hike around the grounds investigating the different tree species, ecosystems and gardens and, of course, taking photographs.

While I usually only post one photograph each day, I thought for a change of pace I’d include a group of photos since it’s hard to choose just one that encompasses the experience here. Cam and I decided that we’re going to make Blandy a regular stop on our photo expeditions now that we realize we’ve only just scratched the surface.

Ginko Grove

True Bug

White Flower


Cam and Payton


  1. How great these trees… This is a beautiful place dear Tricia, I imagined to be there, WOW! You are so lucky people. All these trees should be very old too… How exciting and enjoyable to climb a tree… I remember my childhood days… Cam and Payton seem to pleasure to be there. Thank you for sharing with us dear Tricia, With my love, nia

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