Tricia Booker Photography

October 30, 2011


We awoke this morning to beautiful blue skies, glistening snow but an ugly yard. The poor trees suffered so; we definitely lost three trees and maybe several more. We will see if the injured rebound from the lost limbs and cracked  trunks. Gary got out the chainsaw and cleared the downed tree from the driveway so I could venture out to the grocery store and The Home Depot. Thankfully, the Mt. Weather fire truck had packed down the snow so the Tahoe could get through to the road in four-wheel drive low.

Weighed Down

We were woefully unprepared for this storm. Low on batteries, candles, gasoline for the chainsaw and no charcoal to grill out. Once I started down the mountain, it was amazing to see the transformation so quickly from a snowy world to green fields and autumn colors. Our neighbor Maria escaped at the same time we did, and our two trucks caught frequent stares as they traveled down Route 50 with substantial white caps on their tops. The 900 to 1,000 feet in elevation made all the difference from a paralyzing snowstorm to just a dusting. The power was restored by dinner time, so we were able to cook a warm meal and recharge our computers and phones on the return to normalcy. Clean-up will wait until the snow melts this week and autumn weather returns to the mountain.

Snowy Leaf


  1. Oh, I hate to see the devastation in the first photo. Snow-covered green leaves are definitely a strange sight. We had a major ice storm several years ago. I remember the haunting sound of tree limbs and trunks cracking and breaking in the nature trail area that runs though our neighborhood. It went on all night! The next day, I saw three huge trees break and fall in our neighbor’s yard.

    I’ll be thinking about you this week as you and your family start clearing away the trees and get back to your typical autumn weather and activities.

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