Tricia Booker Photography

November 8, 2011

Over Middleburg

It was another beautiful evening, so I wasn’t surprised to see the same hot air balloon that I followed last week meander across Middleburg once again as I drove to The Hill School to pick up Cameron. This time I was prepared, though, and had my camera on the front seat of the Tahoe. (OK, full disclaimer, I’d just taken some photos of Peppermint and hadn’t put the camera away yet. Sometimes procrastination is a good thing!)

This time the balloon sailed near the Middleburg’s Emmanuel Episcopal Church, so I was able to merge the two into the same frame. Again, the balloon floated toward Glenwood Park and out the Foxcroft Road to the north. While I waited for Cam, I watched it grow smaller and smaller on the horizon until it disappeared into the tree line. One of these days I do want to be on the other side—looking down with my camera from the basket and enjoying the view from above.

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