Tricia Booker Photography

November 13, 2011

After The Goal

I knew I’d missed the shot of Cameron scoring what turned out to be the winning goal during the Loudoun Lads championship game. When Robbie’s corner kick unexpectedly dribbled across the turf, I’d lost sight of the ball thinking he’d kick it high into the air as he usually does. By the time I’d found the ball again, it was already in the net, and the cheers were erupting.

I snapped a few photos of Cameron trotting back to the line-up, hoping he might show a reaction. But when I downloaded the photos and saw them, I realized that I didn’t need to get that perfect shot into the goal to tell the story of this championship game. This photo says it all. This Chantilly team was tough as nails, and they fought hard throughout the game, giving it their all. In truth, the game could have been won by either team. When the whistle blew, though, it was the Loudoun Lads who prevailed 2-1.

When we arrived at the field in McLean, Virginia, Cameron groaned. The last time his team played here in a title match, they’d been soundly beaten by a stronger Herndon team, and he said this field had “bad memories.” On the way home I asked him what he thought about the field now. “They’re great memories,” he said. “Robbie and I have played soccer together since we were in Kindergarten, and this is the first time we’ve won a championship. It’s great.” Yes, I agree, it was the perfect ending to a terrific season.

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