Tricia Booker Photography

November 20, 2011


During today’s Nations Cup competition for the USHJA Emerging Athletes Program Finals, I was fortunate to be able to work from the middle of the indoor arena. I walked the course this morning and carefully planned my route so I could have the ideal angles while also staying out of the way in the tight confines. With 13 full-size jumps in the arena, there was little room for error. If I didn’t stay fully focused on shooting and immediately moving to my “spot,” it could have been disastrous for myself and the rider!

By the time the second round began, I’d fine-tuned my path and placement so I was able to think more creatively. I adjusted some angles and even found I could frame the final fence in a jump standard. If the rider placed the horse in the middle of the fence, it turned out beautifully. My favorite photo of this fence turned out to be one of Natalie Crane, who set her horse up perfectly. Not surprisingly, she was one of the big winners. Most of the time even one photo can tell a lot about a rider, and Natalie created the perfect picture.


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