Tricia Booker Photography

November 23, 2011

Bulldog Bucket Bonanza

We arrived in South Carolina this afternoon to a gorgeous fall day. Cameron immediately took off outside with his Cousins Daisy and Charley and friend Lila to play in the pond, ride bikes and explore the neighborhood. When they returned home to retrieve a bucket for their fishing expedition, they were intercepted. Gracie and George, our neighbor’s Bulldogs, challenged them for the bucket, and a game of chase ensued.

It didn’t take long for the Bulldogs to secure the victory, and when Gracie flipped the bucket upside down and planted her two front paws on the top, it was pretty much over. The kids circled the dogs, trying to snatch the bucket from their grasp for another round of chase, but Gracie was determined to win. In the end, she got the bucket, but the kids earned the last bonus points as they thought to return to the garage for another bucket, which they slyly carried behind the shrubbery and over to the pond.

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