Tricia Booker Photography

November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Memories

Thanksgiving Day is always a busy one at my parents’ house in South Carolina. There’s always a small group that plays golf, another that might go to the beach or to a movie, and my Mom and Dad hold down the fort preparing for our feast. Today, I spent the day with them, helping out where I could. While my Mom and I set the table, I asked her about some of the traditional pieces we use, such as this green glass pitcher we  fill with ice water.

This was my grandmother’s pitcher, and my Mom remembered her using it for many years during her holiday celebrations. Once the table was set, I realized that the newest items displayed were the napkins. The china was older than me, as were the salt-and-pepper shakers, toothpick holders and several condiment dishes. While we give thanks at Thanksgiving for a good harvest and our overall bounty, it’s also a nice time to remember those before us who helped us get here. They might not be with us any longer, but we’ll always cherish them in our memories.


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