Tricia Booker Photography

November 25, 2011


Cameron and his Cousin Daisy have always been pals. Even when they were toddlers, they always seemed to want to play together and with the same toys. This year was no exception. The duo quickly decided getting wet and dirty at the pond, catching tadpoles, fish and turtles, was their favorite activity on this trip. I have fond memories of hanging out with my cousins when I was growing up, and I’m happy that Cam is able to spend time getting to know his as well.

Uncle Stewart even invited Cameron to fly out to Colorado this summer for a solo vacation. At first, Cam was slightly apprehensive, but when he discovered that even his younger Cousin Charley had flown by herself, he was sold. In fact, now that it’s even a remote possibility, Cam has already started planning the details, what he’ll pack and what they’ll do. And with six months to prepare, I suppose I might even be ready to let him go.


  1. It is so great that you are able to catch these photos that will over time show how he is growing up and maturing. Solo trips in the near future–you will survive and he will have fun!

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