Tricia Booker Photography

November 26, 2011


This Eastern Box turtle was a good sport. The kids netted it in the pond and brought it back to show us. They were careful to treat it gently, and carried it from house to house on their “turtle” tour. We spent a few minutes getting some close-up photos of the turtle, and while at first it was s shy, it didn’t take long for it to poke its nose out for a peek at its captors.

After a quick tour of the neighborhood, Cameron and his crew returned to the pond to set it free. I’m happy they’re exploring the natural world and respecting the creatures they find. Although they might get a bit muddy, I’d rather do more laundry than see them sitting in front of a video screen.


  1. I agree! Kids learn so much being outside in the world getting muddy and exploring. Hate seeing them spend so much time on games. The turtle is really sweet. Those cute little nostrils! Great shot!

  2. Great shot. Great adventure for Cam and crew as well as the turtle. My dog had a turtle for a pet for a little while. On one of our hikes when I lived in Alabama (over 30 years ago!), across the little field/trees area with a stream, he found a turtle. My dog Murphy was a mixed breed but mainly a labrador. He demonstrated his retrieving ability by bounding up to me with a turtle in his mouth. He was very gentle, did not hurt it, so I let him carry it all the way home–about a mile. We set it up in a little terrarium on our patio, but he would not leave it alone. He like to hold it in his mouth and sit on the couch. So after a couple days he had to give up his pet. I do not think it was hurt–it ate, moved around when I forced my dog to leave it alone. But he seemed to be thrilled to be back home with a weird story to tell about his absence. He actually moved pretty fast for a turtle to get back to his friends! My dog was sad, but survived–and he returned to holding his favorite stuffed animal a bit more often.

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