Tricia Booker Photography

November 27, 2011

Peppermint Traitor

Yes, she might be cute, but she’s got a dark side, too. You see, when we’re at home everything’s normal. We hang out together at the office, she has her own special seat in the Tahoe, she sits with me on the sofa and we’re together almost 24/7. But when we visit Grandma Booker, it’s all about Peppermint.

She has Grandma wrapped around her finger. Peppermint gets extra treats, special food and goes with Grandma and her Schnauzer Mozart each morning on their daily 6 a.m. walk. About a year ago, Peppermint completely defected. Instead of sleeping in the back bedroom with me, she decided Grandma’s room is her preferred domain. So, even if Grandma goes to bed before us, Peppermint will sneak off  and join her, leaving me alone on the sofa. Then, in the morning after she returns from her walk, she’ll scratch on my bedroom door begging for forgiveness and a nice warm spot on my bed. I usually let her in—I guess a little bit of snuggling is better than nothing!


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