Tricia Booker Photography

December 2, 2011

Peppermint Sad

Peppermint kept an eye on me this afternoon. She followed me up and down the stairs as I prepared for my trip to the United States Hunter Jumper Association Annual Meeting in New Orleans. When I swapped the laundry, she would lay on the floor at my feet. When I went to the basement to retrieve my suitcase, she trotted right down behind me, and she even accompanied me into the closet as I was picking out clothes.

Peppermint knows when I’m going on a trip, but I don’t think she really understands that she’s not included until I’m gone. We have a special routine, though, that at least makes me feel better about leaving her behind—I have a stash of special bones that I only give her when I’m going away. At least I know that when I say good-bye she’ll be happy for a few minutes after I close the door. Tonight, I gave her one of those special bones because she seemed so sad as she laid on Cameron’s bed and watched me pack. Maybe she’s figuring out that when I pull out the business outfits and the lint roller it’s a dog-free trip. It’s too bad, too, because the USHJA Annual Meeting is the only time I travel with my horse show friends without our dogs tagging along…although we always have a stray dog hair or two on our clothes to remind us of our best friends.


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