Tricia Booker Photography

December 9, 2011

Snow Much Fun

Returning home from New Orléans to snow and cold wasn’t all that much fun, but watching Payton and Cameron playing in it was hysterical. We still had two inches of wet snow blanketing the ground, so it was perfect for packing and making snowballs. The two, only dressed in shorts and short-sleeved shirts, didn’t seem to mind the cold as they ran around pelting one another and playing snowball baseball until they were soaked.

Although I’m not a fan of snow (other than for skiing), I’ll admit that having the white stuff around today made what could have been a boring afternoon off from school an exciting and memorable time.


  1. Good memories of playing in snow come to mind from your photo. Thanks for sharing. I can remember carefully taking my mittons off and placing them safely in a tree where they could stay relatively dry while I played in the snow. Mom did not like wet mittons when I finally went in–I expect she really did not like frozen fingers but, oh well.

    • What a cute story! I remember the fun of snowball fights and playing in the snow. I think back then I was immune to the cold because I recall being outside for hours! Now, I’ll leave that activity to the boys 🙂 while I hang out by the fire!

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