Tricia Booker Photography

December 18, 2011

Peppermint Pal

OK, it’s been a rough week. I ended up getting terribly sick after my black belt test with an illness that was going around during the USHJA Annual Meeting in New Orléans. I barely kept my head above water with deadlines and projects since then. So, I must sadly admit that I have made the executive decision to skip my blog entries between December 12-17 since my cameras didn’t leave their cases.

I did have my trusty iPhone with me, though, and captured this photo of Peppermint keeping me company while I recuperated. Being that I spent more time hanging around the house, she was thrilled. When she was a puppy I made the mistake of allowing her to sleep on my chest, and now as a full-grown 14-pound Jack Russell she still likes to sleep right next to me, wherever she can find a comfortable space. We shared some extra snooze time this week, and now, thankfully, I’m almost back to full speed just in time to fall further behind on holiday preparations!


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