Tricia Booker Photography

December 23, 2011

Part of the charm of the holiday season is spending time with family. My father sent me this email to remind me to send him a list of possible Christmas presents before I traveled to South Carolina to visit. The email was in itself a wonderful present:

Ms. Tricia Booker

Editor, The Chronicle of Cameron

Lower Upperville, VA

Dear Ms. Booker,

By virtue of the authority invested in me as your father, I hereby command you to send your mother and I a list of what you, Dr. Scheib and Master Cameron would like to receive for Christmas. I further request you do this without undo delay.

Failure to comply with this court order will result in severe consequences, including but not limited to your mother and I opening the Sears catalogue at random, standing back and throwing  darts. You will be the recipients of whatever this random process selects. I need not point out this could be disastrous. What, for example, would you do with  a “Switch, part #E10057” for a Model 921153191 Craftsman Air Compressor? Or

Dr. Scheib got a replacement head gasket for a 2012 Sportster Harley-Davidson Motorcycle?  Or if Master Cameron were to receive a fifty pound drum of axle grease.

I would remind you that I have already suggested I would like  a two drawer file cabinet. Be advised that if needs be, a thee drawer type would be acceptable though the two drawer would be my first choice.

I am unable to advise you on a choice for your mother. Reluctantly I must admit that in over fifty years of trying to get her to let me know what she might want I have never succeeded. If you do you are a better man than I, Gunga Din.

H. Edward Booker, Esq.

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