Tricia Booker Photography

December 24, 2011

Christmas Portrait

One bonus to having subscribed to a variety of photography blogs this year was the number of tutorials I received on photographing holiday lights, whether outside at night or on the Christmas tree. After several weeks with my cameras in their respective bags, I was finally inspired to get out the big DSLR again after reading a few of these fascinating articles.

I spent an entertaining afternoon taking nearly 50 shots of my small tree, playing with lenses, settings and compositions. Although I deleted many of my experiments, I saved a few, including this self-portrait in reflection. Even though this particular image is rather cliché, it reminded me of why I enjoy photography. I must always remember that even when I lose inspiration and my vision is lacking, taking the time and effort for a photo shoot is rewarding because you never know what you’ll see through the lens. And sometimes the art of photography is only revealed afterward, when you become one with the camera.

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