Tricia Booker Photography

December 25, 2011

Christmas Cross

For our family, Christmas Day means togetherness. We awake to Cameron jumping in our bed, his energy and excitement inspiring us to quickly dress before he loses control and starts to open his presents without us. The unusually warm December weather prevented us from our traditional ski outing this year, so instead it was a trip to the movie theatre to see “War Horse,” which was a wonderful movie and an even better book that I highly recommend.

A highlight of this Christmas, though, was a long overdue phone call to my Uncle Gene. We spent more than an hour catching up on life, and although it was difficult to hear the latest on his tough battle with cancer, hearing his deep, distinctive voice was comforting. Knowing, too, that the “old bear” is still fighting and in good spirits makes me happy. I was also thrilled to hear the news that my uncle is being inducted this February into the Ball State University Athletic Hall of Fame. He was on the school’s only undefeated football team, the 1949 squad, whose members are being recognized for their great accomplishment.

This year I have to admit that our family wasn’t as into the Christmas spirit as we’ve been in the past, but after I hung up the phone with my uncle I had a different feeling. The over commercialization of Christmas sometimes hides the true meaning of the day in colorful wrappings and bows. But when you truly take the time for your family, when you stop your frenzied daily routine for a moment and just listen, it makes a huge difference. Christmas may be just one day, but it’s a great reminder that sometimes you need to just stop, unplug and re-connect with those you love no matter the date on the calendar.

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