Tricia Booker Photography

December 29, 2011


We entered this welcoming door tonight when we spent a lovely evening at the Ericksen’s home for dinner. One of the things I miss about living in the country is having close neighbors, friends who don’t mind when you drop in unannounced or when your child spends more time in a 24-hour period with them than at his own home. I grew up in a neighborhood such as this, and I have fond memories of the time I spent there with the neighborhood as my playground and the freedom to explore with a safety net of a community of adults watching over me.

I’m fortunate that Cameron has the opportunity to experience this lifestyle when we visit my parents in South Carolina. I truly appreciate the wonderful friends I’ve made here as well, and I know this is a very special place with great people. I often check out the classified ads when I’m here to see which houses are for sale in the neighborhood and the asking prices. Even though I enjoy the rural area in which I live, I know I could be happy here as well…if only I could win the lottery!


  1. Lovely photo! I wish for country life on a daily basis. But at least I can see some remnants of the country just outside our suburban neighborhood – a herd of goats, some cows, horses, hay bales in summer. I do have some advantages since stores and neighbors are nearby, but privacy and experiencing nature are always at the top of my want list!

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