Tricia Booker Photography

December 30, 2011

Low Country Home

The beauty of the low country of South Carolina is visible just about everywhere, from the neighborhoods of Charleston and the suburbs to the many nearby parks and national forests. We enjoy spending time outdoors during the holiday season, whether walking the dogs, playing golf or going out on photo expeditions, there’s always something fun to shoot.

I actually left the point-and-shoot at home on this trip and have experimented with the iPhone 4s on our daily outings. With the new-and-improved Instagram app on my phone, I’ve played with additional filters and have begun to think in “square” format as I compose my images. There’s something refreshing about changing your vision. I feel as if I’m opening my mind to different compositions and focal points, which only adds to the fun of photography. Little did I know that the new iPhone would prove to be a great addition to my photo gear as well as a decent telephone.


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